Exploding the ‘Poor British Teeth’ myth

Study shows that British teeth are healthier than US teeth.

For many years now, the Americans have mocked the state of British teeth, especially in comedy routines and cartoons, depicting them as overcrowded and crooked.

A recent report though (1), shows that, in fact, the British, generally, have better teeth than the Americans. Researchers studied data from both the US and the UK before reaching this conclusion. In the UK, there was significantly less tooth loss than in the US, for example.

This might come as a surprise to some who see American teeth on TV celebrity shows and presume that this is the general standard. The health system in the US though, is less accessible to those on lower incomes.


Whilst the US has, historically, been ahead in terms of cosmetic dentistry, often being in the forefront of new procedures; for the man/woman in the street, this has not always been an affordable option. With private healthcare only available, many people receive either occasional or no dental care at all. Whilst we certainly don’t underestimate the role that private dental care can play,  and, indeed, we offer many cosmetic dental procedures only through private dental care; we are also proud to be able to offer NHS dentistry at our Wickford practice.

Whilst treatments are limited under the NHS, for financial reasons; those that are, offer reasonable care for a patient’s oral health.

Regular care

Unlike in the US where a patient may choose to visit a dentist only when they can afford it, or are in pain; the NHS dental system in the UK allows access to regular and affordable care. This includes a checkup every six months or so (sometimes more frequent in cases such as diabetics) which enables us to detect any dental issues in their early stages, and treat them accordingly. Whilst more advanced procedures like dental implants are not typically available on the NHS, a wide range of restorative dental procedures are. Whether you have missing teeth that need replacing or teeth that need straightening, this can often be done through the NHS.

Why private?

With the wide range of treatments available under the NHS, you might be wondering why anyone would opt for private dental care. The fact is that many procedures, and especially cosmetic dental procedures, are not available on the NHS. These can transform your teeth from simply being healthy to also being attractive and giving you a great smile and a boost in confidence. If you are looking for a dentist in Wickford and are unsure whether to opt for NHS or private dental care, why not call the Cygnet Dental Practice to arrange a consultation where we will be happy to explain the benefits of each.

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1.    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/news/12054216/Americans-do-not-have-better-teeth-than-the-British-study-concludes.html