Essential Oral Health Care For Rayleigh Patients

Why people are travelling to the Cygnet Dental Practice from other localities.

Whilst most of the patients who attend our practice for regular appointments are from the Wickford area, we have also noticed an increasing number coming to us from nearby areas such as Rayleigh and Rawreth. One of the reasons for this seems to be the fact that we offer not only cosmetic dentistry but also NHS dental care.

Despite the relatively limited range of procedures available on the NHS, it is still widely popular with many patients and should be adequate to keep teeth and gums in a healthy condition. Whilst younger dental patients from Rayleigh and beyond often express an interest in our cosmetic treatments, and indeed, some go on to have some of these, many simply want a healthy mouth and are less concerned about how their teeth actually look.

Basic care

Treatment on the NHS offers essential care for your teeth and gums. This starts with your regular six monthly check ups. It is essential that you maintain these, and, if you do have to miss one due to illness or similar circumstances, you should always re-arrange to have one as soon as you can and not simply leave it for another six months.

Regular checks enable us to detect problems in their early stages. A small amount of decay can be treated with a small filling at this stage, whilst, if left for another six months a larger filling, dental crown or even tooth extraction may be the end result. It is worth noting here that whilst we do offer tooth-coloured fillings, these are not available on the NHS but can be provided privately if the patient wishes.


If there is a clinical need, i.e. where crooked teeth pose a genuine risk to health, it may be possible for braces to be available on the NHS. An assessment will be made and this will determine whether you are eligible for NHS treatment. Where the need is purely cosmetic, i.e. where crooked teeth spoil the appearance of your smile, any orthodontics supplied will have to be paid for privately. NHS dental treatment is paid according to which band your treatment is in. Minor filling adjustments, for example are band 1, root canal procedures band 2 and crowns, bridges and dentures are band 3. A comprehensive list of the available treatments and bands are available on the NHS dental treatments page of our website.

Although some people stay with NHS dentistry throughout their lives, we would recommend that patients also take a look at the cosmetic dental procedures that we have to offer. Whilst some do offer straightforward cosmetic improvements, such as teeth whitening, others also offer practical advantages. A classic example of this would be when patients have dental implants placed, rather than dentures, due to the excellent strength and stability that they offer.

We are always happy to see new patients from The Rayleigh area, or anywhere in Essex for that matter. If you are looking for an NHS dental practice in your area, why not call the Cygnet Dental Practice in Wickford on 01268 856203.