Don’t Fear Braces! They’ve Changed A Lot….

Helping patients smile again with Invisalign orthodontics.

The thought of having to wear dental braces is one that many people don’t even want to contemplate. When the realisation hits in later life, that our teeth are crooked or uneven and we need to have this rectified, our thoughts, quite naturally, turn to the traditional ‘train track’ style of braces that we are familiar with.

Interestingly, even many modern orthodontic systems still use this method, largely because it works well. However, the more up-to-date versions, such as those available at the Cygnet Dental Practice in Wickford, Essex, use much finer materials, often also matching the colour of the patient’s teeth. This makes them more discreet when being worn. Advances in dental technology though, have meant that this is not the only method available, and one alternative in particular, Invisalign, is rapidly becoming the most popular method to straighten teeth for our patients from Wickford and adjacent Downham.

Transparent trays

Unlike traditional methods, Invisalign uses a series of aligner trays that are made from a transparent medical grade plastic. These trays are made specifically to the specification of individual patients. This ensures that, not only do they work efficiently, but they are also comfortable to wear as well; which is important as they need to be worn for long periods of time. Each tray performs the task of easing the teeth towards their correct position a little. Once a tray has achieved this, it is then removed, and the next tray in the series used to replace it. This process goes on until such a time that the patient’s teeth are correctly positioned.

Pros and cons of Invisalign

Apart from the fact that Invisalign uses no fiddly wires or brackets; it has a number of advantages over other methods. Its near invisibility is a big factor in many people’s choice. Whilst it can be seen if looked for, most people will not notice it in everyday situations. The other major factor is that it is easily removed, and, indeed is designed to be so when eating or cleaning your teeth. This means that there is no awkwardness when dining out, wondering if something is going to get stuck in your braces. You simply remove them (probably before leaving home) and then returning them to your teeth once your teeth have been brushed and flossed to prevent food from becoming trapped in them.

So, where is the catch you might ask. The minor disadvantage that Invisalign braces have over some other methods is that they do not work quite as quickly as some. If you are looking for faster acting braces, even if slightly more inconvenient, then please ask us about other options. Many patients though are happy with the treatment period, given the discretion and convenience, as well as the comfort factor, of these modern orthodontics.

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