Teeth Straightening with Ease

A beautiful smile of easier than you think!

Have you ever dreamed about having a beautiful smile? Do you look at your teeth and wish you could wave a magic wand making them all fall into alignment? Well teeth straightening is easier than you think.

Gone are the days where the only option was to wear a fixed metal brace for 3 years causing you pain and discomfort, as well as embarrassment.  Dentistry has since come a long way and a variety of options are now available to you.


Cygnet Dental are now able to offer their patients one of two options for brace treatments.  To determine which option you are most suited to an examination is first needed.

The braces now available are Inman Aligners and Six Month Smiles.  Below are a few facts about these braces:

Inman Aligner

  • This is a removable option.
  • Suitable for straightening the front 4 teeth only.
  • Needs to be worn for 23 hours a day for maximum effect.
  • Can straighten teeth in as little as 6 weeks.
  • Regular appointments are needed for reviews and adjustments.

Six Month Smiles

  • This is a fixed option.
  • The brace is tooth coloured.
  • A versatile brace that can correct a variety of problems.
  • Can take between 3-9 months to complete.
  • Monthly appointments are needed for reviews and adjustments to the brace.

No matter which treatment you decide, it is extremely important that extra care is taken in keeping your teeth clean and healthy.  If you fail to do this you may end up needing more treatment.  The dentist will discuss this with you.


As with any type of orthodontic treatment, some form of retention is needed on completion of treatment.  If this is not done the teeth will eventually over a period of time move back to their original position.  Retention is either in the form of a fixed retainer – a small wire that is fitted behind the back of the front 6 teeth, or a removable retainer – a clear plastic tray, rather like a whitening tray which is worn at night time.  In some instances you may be provided with both.

A little added extra!

At Cygnet Dental, as a way of celebrating your new straight smile, we provide you with Home Teeth Whitening free of charge. So not only will you have straight teeth, you will have beautifully white teeth too!