Brighten your Smile for Christmas

Get party season ready!

With the weather turning colder and the days looking dark and miserable, we could all do with a bit of cheering up. With the Christmas party season fast approaching we are all looking for our party outfit, so we can look good and feel good when we are dancing the night away. So why not whiten your smile to go with it.

Teeth whitening is the easiest cosmetic dental treatment you could have.  The best bit is you can carry out treatment in the comfort of your own home and whenever it fits in your schedule!

Thinking about Teeth Whitening?

The first thing you would need to do is have a quick examination with your dentist to see if you are a suitable candidate for treatment.  Majority of people are, its only those who have crowns, veneers, bridges or white fillings that are shown when you smile.  Unfortunately the teeth whitening gel has no effect on these and they will remain their original colour.  You can still go ahead with treatment but just be aware that these may need changing in the future (there will be an obvious shade difference).

The next stage is impressions.  Quick and easy impressions of your teeth are taken which will be used to make your whitening trays.  All trays are custom made to ensure that the treatment is successful.  Your impressions are sent to a local laboratory who usually returns your trays within a week.

Once they have been returned to us, we ask you to come back so we can demonstrate how to carry out the treatment. Depending on the strength of gel we give you, you may have to wear the tray containing the gel for a bout 4 hours a day.  If you experience any sensitivity use of a good sensitive toothpaste during the treatment in place of your usual toothpaste will help.

You can expect to see results in 10-14 days.  The shade difference differs from person to person as the teeth can react differently to treatment.  Its difficult to give you can idea of how white your teeth could go but we have never had a bad result and no one has ever been disappointed!

Depending on your lifestyle, whether you smoke. drink a lot of tea, coffee all depends on how long your teeth will stay white. You may have to top up the colour in a few months or even in a year.  This doesn’t mean carrying out the whole procedure again, just doing it for a few days is enough to maintain the colour.

Safety First

If this is a treatment you are seriously considering, make sure you have the treatment carried out by a dental professional.  It is illegal for anyone other than a dental professional to do Teeth Whitening.  For the sake of your teeth and gums come and see one of our dentists at Cygnet Dental Practice.  Here you are guaranteed professional care before, during and after treatment.