Beware of ‘Natural’ Tooth Whitening Solutions

Professional whitening in the Wickford area from Cygnet Dental.

Whereas, once, professional advice would have been sought about any problem, be it household or medical; today, the first thing that most people do is to pop their question into a search engine and look at the results.

Whilst there are certainly many benefits to doing this, the old saying that ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ comes to mind. A good example of this is when people search for teeth whitening solutions, they are likely to come up with a number suggesting ‘natural’ ways to achieve this. Understandably, this is tempting, and the methods seem harmless and therefore worth trying; but are they?

Oil pulling

Based on an ancient Indian method, oil pulling involves swilling coconut oil around the mouth for twenty minutes or so. The theory is that this will not only remove bacteria from the mouth but will also help to lighten the teeth by removing stains. On the whole, this is a fairly harmless activity, though some have found the taste to be bad enough to cause vomiting, especially towards the end of the twenty minutes! There is also little evidence to suggest that it actually works.

Lemon juice

This is one of the more popular methods that you will find mentioned, time and again, on the Internet. There is some logic to this as, being acidic, lemon juice can dissolve some of the staining on the teeth. Unfortunately, this very same acidity will damage the enamel veneer on the teeth and leave them exposed to the risk of tooth decay. It is also likely to make the teeth more sensitive too. We certainly don’t recommend it!

Professional whitening

People looking for a teeth whitening dentist in Wickford often come to us on the recommendation of other patients. Over the years we have had many satisfied patients who have benefited from this procedure. We offer a solution for whiter teeth that patients can perform in the comfort of their own home at a time convenient to them. An initial visit to our dental practice is necessary though, both to determine the strength of the whitening solution that is needed for each individual; and to take impressions of the teeth.

These impressions are used to produce trays into which the whitening gel is placed and which are then worn for between one and four hours a day, depending on the severity of the discolouration. Within a week, you should start to see an improvement in the colour of your teeth, with the full effects being seen approximately one week later. This teeth whitening procedure not only acts on the surface of the teeth, but also on the inner part of the tooth which discolours as you get older. Natural teeth whitening solutions will not touch this part of the tooth and cannot therefore be as effective.

If you would like to have whiter teeth and live near Wickford in Essex, please call the Cygnet Dental Practice on 01268 733078 to arrange your initial consultation where we will discuss your needs and answer any questions that you might have.