New Year, New Smile

Start a teeth whitening treatment now and see 2016 in with a brighter smile.

Although Christmas is probably foremost on people’s minds at the moment; it doesn’t take long, once Boxing Day is over, for thoughts to turn to the New Year and possibly new year resolutions too. Most resolutions take the form of positive affirmations such as ‘I will stop smoking’, ‘I will meet a new partner’ etc etc. To help with this new positivity, why not take advantage of the teeth whitening procedure we offer Wickford patients of the Cygnet Dental Practice, and get that new smile for the New Year?

At home treatment

The teeth whitening procedure we offer is, in some ways, similar to the home whitening kits that can be bought at chemists throughout the UK. You should not make the mistake of thinking that both are the same though. There are two key advantages that our home whitening kits offer.

Firstly, the trays into which the whitening gel is placed, are made from impressions of your own teeth and are fully customised to offer a secure but comfortable fit. This is important as, if the trays do not fit correctly, the whitening gel can come into contact with the soft tissues in the mouth, potentially causing burning.

Secondly, because our whitening treatment is professionally supervised, the whitening ingredient is allowed to be stronger, meaning a more efficient and fast acting whitening.

Easy top ups

Once you have received the trays and started your whitening treatment, you should start to see results in approximately one week’s time, with full results seen approximately one week after that, just in time for the New Year. You may, of course, stop the treatment at any time should you simply want a small improvement rather than the full effect. One great benefit of the home whitening method is when it comes to ‘top ups’. All teeth whitening treatments will start to lose their effect over time as the internal part of our teeth darkens again. If you have had an in house whitening, you would need to have another of these, taking up time and costing more.

The advantage of the treatment that we offer at the Cygnet Dental Practice is that you will already have the trays and will just simply need to purchase the gel whenever you feel your teeth are starting to lose their shine. We are always here, of course, for advice and to answer any queries that might crop up during or after the treatment; so please get in touch.

If you would like to enter 2016 with a spring in your step and a new white smile, our Wickford dentists will be happy to arrange a teeth whitening consultation for you.

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