Whiter Teeth For Ex Smokers in Essex

Reversing the effect of years of heavy smoking

We recently received an email from a potential patient who has stopped smoking, and now wants to try to reverse the damage done to his teeth during this time.

Q. Hello .. I’ve recently moved to Downham and am looking for a new dental practice to register with. I notice that you do teeth whitening and, after over twenty years of being a regular smoker, I wonder if this would work with my teeth which are pretty brown if I’m honest. As I’m now saving myself quite a lot of money by not smoking, I thought I might treat myself to this, but thought I should check if it would work or not before I do. Thanks.

Hello and welcome to Downham. As I’m sure you have noticed before emailing us, you are only a short journey from our dental practice in Wickford and we would be delighted for you to register as a patient with us here at the Cygnet Dental Practice in Wickford. With regards to your question, we would naturally need to see you to examine your teeth before deciding on an action plan to improve the appearance of your teeth. Ultimately though, there are two procedures that can help you to achieve this; a teeth whitening procedure or dental veneers.

We would also recommend that you visit the hygienist at our Wickford practice as smokers have a higher risk of gum disease and this should be treated first if necessary. In addition, a professional clean from the hygienist would also remove some surface staining, though, from your information, this is unlikely to make a significant difference to the colour of your teeth.

A teeth whitening procedure is certainly a very effective way of producing excellent results, with teeth whitened by up to eight shades. Our custom home whitening kits are designed to be worn for a few hours each day, with the final results being seen after two or three weeks.

If, however, your teeth are as badly stained as you indicate, this procedure may make some difference to the whiteness of your teeth, but, perhaps, not as much as you might be hoping for. If this looks likely to be the case, then we can discuss the option of having dental veneers fitted. Many ex smokers have found these to be an excellent solution and you can have any shade of whiteness that you wish.

Essentially, dental veneers are fine layers of porcelain which are fitted to the front of your teeth, replacing an equivalent amount of the discoloured tooth, which is first of all removed. Veneers allow the patient to have full functionality of their teeth and should last in the region of ten years or more. However, we do have to point out that the procedure is invasive in that existing tooth material is removed and hence careful consideration is required.

In the first instance, I recommend a call to our receptionists at the Cygnet Dental Practice on 01268 733078 to arrange a free non clinical consultation and we will advise more about the treatments which are available. We look forward to meeting you!