Need A Root Canal Procedure And Live In Wickford, Essex? Don’t Despair….

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Being told that you need root canal treatment can come as a bit of a shock. Most patients will have heard certain horror stories about this particular procedure which seems to have earned an unfounded reputation for extreme pain.

There are, however, two positives that patients should take if they are told that they need this treatment. Firstly, it means that there is a good chance that your natural tooth can be saved – the only other alternative is extraction. Secondly, root canal therapy should be no more uncomfortable than a regular filling, although it may take a little longer.

Reasons for a root canal procedure

Root canal treatment is necessary when the root canals of the teeth become infected. This can happen due to tooth decay or when the tooth has cracked, allowing harmful bacteria to enter the canals. As this part of the tooth contains the nerves, as well as some small blood vessels; as you can imagine, this can be very painful indeed, and, in some cases, an abscess may form. If an abscess is found to be present, following x-rays, this will be treated prior to the root canal procedure being carried out.

At the Cygnet Dental Practice, you can be sure that you will be in good hands during the procedure as our experienced dentists have performed this procedure many times. It is also performed using a powerful local anaesthetic so that any discomfort is kept to a minimum.


Although a skilled procedure to perform, it is usually straightforward. The top of the tooth is first removed to allow the dentist access to the canals. The infected material is then completely removed and the area treated with an antibacterial solution to remove any remaining infection. A filling, called gutta percha, is then used to fill the canals, and, finally, a dental crown is attached to the top to give it additional strength and a more pleasing appearance.


In effect, because the nerves have been removed from the tooth, it can be classed as a ‘dead’ tooth. This means that you will experience no sensation from it. Caution should therefore be taken when biting into hard objects as you will not experience the sensation of this and could, potentially, cause the tooth to break. In normal use though, a root filled tooth should provide sufficient strength for everyday use. You should, of course, continue to brush and floss around the treated tooth, as you would others. Gum disease is a potential problem whether it be a natural or artificial tooth such as a dental implant, and flossing should be a part of your everyday oral health care.

If you are experiencing dental pain and live in the Wickford, Shotgate or Downham area, and are concerned about the possibility of having a root canal treatment, why not arrange a consultation with us at the Cygnet Dental Practice and allow us to put you at ease.

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