10 Frequently Asked Questions at Cygnet Dental Practice

Dental Related Questions

With over 10,000 registered patients, its inevitable that our dentists are going to get asked lots of questions. For this reason we have decided to collate our own list of questions and answers which are readily available on our website.

Q1. Does it really matter what toothbrush you use?

A. The brand of toothbrush is not important, its the type.  Ideally you need to be using a small headed toothbrush with soft to medium textured bristles.  The small head means its easier for you to reach difficult areas and the soft bristles are gentle on your gums.

Q2.  Is an electric toothbrush a good option?

A.  An electric toothbrush is a brilliant option.  These are especially good if you have limited movement to your arm and wrist. The toothbrush head also adjusts if you apply too much pressure when brushing, meaning no harsh or harmful brushing to your teeth and gums.

Q3.  Do I really need to see a Hygienist?

A.  Most Dentists recommend that you see a Hygienist twice a year.  When plaque isn’t removed from your teeth it turns to calculus, a hard substance that is impossible for you to remove yourself.  Hygienists have special instruments to help her do this. Its extremely important that this is cleaned away as if left it will start to irritate your gums causing them the bleed and become inflamed.  This is the start of Gum Disease.

Q4.  Are silver fillings really safe?

A. Over the years there have been concerns raised regarding the safety of silver fillings.  Whilst the mercury, which is found in the filling material, is toxic many speculate that this causes health problems and diseases such as Alzheimers, Autism and Multiple Sclerosis, although no link has been found.  Silver fillings are strong and last for years, this being just two reason why Cygnet Dental still offers this type of filling.  If we thought it would harm our patients, we wouldn’t offer it.

Q5.  Are dental x-rays safe?

A. Yes.  Thanks to constant research and the advances in dentistry, the amount of radiation you are exposed to when having dental x-rays is minimal.  In fact you are subjected to more exposure to radiation when just walking around your normal environment.

Q6.  If x-rays are safe, why does the dentist leave the room?

A.  Your dentist might see 10, 15 or even 20 patients a day, if not more.  Imagine if every patient needed x-rays or even half of those.  The dentist would be exposed to a lot of radiation constantly so therefore leaves the room to safeguard himself during the taking of x-rays.

Q7.  Do whitening toothpastes really work?

A.  No.  Most whitening toothpastes contain a mild abrasive, usually pumice, which when brushed against your teeth removes any staining making them appear whiter.  For a system that will really have an effect on the colour of your teeth you will need to see your dentist.  Only they are legally allowed to supply you with a solution that has enough of a substance, either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, to have an effect on the shade of your teeth.  Whitening toothpaste are not to be used in place of your usual toothpaste, as used everyday could then damage the enamel on your teeth.

Q8.  What if I don’t have the filling you say I need?

A.  If you have been told you need a filling then chances are you have decay or the old filling you have is failing.  It s entirely up to you if you go ahead with the advised treatment, but if left the decay could soon spread to the nerve possibly causing pain and swelling.  What could have been an easy filling appointment has then been turned into complex Root Canal Treatment.

Q9.  Will it hurt?

A.  First of all, NO treatment carried out at Cygnet Dental Practice hurts.  We make sure you are thoroughly numb and comfortable before any treatment commences.

Q10.  Am I entitled to free dentistry?

A.  If you are claiming certain benefits then you may be able to claim free dental treatment.  A list of benefits can be found on http://www.nhs.uk/.  If you are under 18 years of age you automatically get free dentistry, or if you are pregnant or had a baby within the past 12 months..  Please be aware that proof of exemption needs to be shown to the dentist/receptionist to be able to get free dentistry.  If you are found to be claiming free dentistry falsely, then you may be fined.