Offering you more at Cygnet Dental Practice

Bigger and Better

Cygnet Dental Practice is a family oriented NHS dental practice but just because we are NHS, it doesn’t mean that you are restricted to the types of treatment only NHS can offer you.

Thanks to the continuing upgrade and modernisation of the practice, we now have more dental surgeries which in turn means more dentists to provide your treatment. This means that we are able to offer you not only NHS dentistry but private dentistry too.  Even if you are a registered NHS patient, there may be a private alternative which the dentist will discuss with you.  The choice is yours but should you decide to go ahead with the private option, you will still remain an NHS registered patient.


Like many dental practices, even though they don’t offer all types of dental treatments, it doesn’t mean that you cant have the treatment you want.  Many practices have a specialist dental practice that they refer these patients too.  Even if a second opinion is needed, then the patient can be referred for this.  Upon your completion of treatment at this practice, you will be referred back to us for your continuing care.

You may be referred for:

  • Root Canal treatment
  • Periodontal treatment
  • Implants
  • Orthodontic treatment


Some of these treatments can be carried out at our practice but it depends on the extent of treatment needed.  Not all treatment is straight forward and easy, it can be very complex. Recently NHS guidelines have changed regarding Orthodontic treatment and the treatment plan has to be sent for approval before treatment commences.  These rules are now very strict and it is getting harder for orthodontic treatment to be approved.  It can also be months before you hear whether the treatment has been approved or not.  Unfortunately appearance of the teeth and smile is just not a good enough reason for approval any more.  At least you always have the private option of orthodontic treatment and because it is private you are open to a lot more choices regarding the system you have.

Thoughts and Feedback

While we continue to grow and make the practice better, we appreciate any thoughts you may have regarding the modernisation of the practice and the treatments we offer.  Working together can only make the practice better and a make it a place you look forward to coming to rather than one you dread.

Should you wish to discuss any thoughts or concerns then please speak to Emma, our Practice Manager.  Anything you discuss will of course be in confidence.  Alternately should you require any information about the treatments now available at the practice, you can also discuss this with her.