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Common Causes Of Dental Problems In Children

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Our Wickford children’s dentist suggests how they can be avoided. Whilst anybody can suffer from tooth decay and other problems if they don’t take good care of their teeth, children are especially vulnerable. Without the array of knowledge that their

Sugar and Your Children’s Teeth – Advice From Your Wickford Dentist

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Extractions on the increase for under fours. A report out today (1)  notes that the number of extractions carried out on children aged four or younger has increased by a quarter in the past ten years. Last year, there were

The Importance Of Early Years Dental Care

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Why it’s never too early for parents from Wickford, Downham or Shotgate to visit the Cygnet Dental Practice. When a child is born, one of the last things on a parent’s mind will be the dentist, and quite rightly so

Fruit Juice And Your Children’s Teeth

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Even healthy foods and drinks can cause poor dental health. Fruit juice has been in the news a lot lately, not for the health giving properties of the vitamins they contain, but for the damage they can cause to teeth,

Looking For A Children’s Dentist in Wickford, Runwell, Downham or Shotgate?

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Living in a less populated area does not mean that your child’s oral health should suffer. Being situated in a town such as Wickford, we find that many of our patients come to us from surrounding villages such as those