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Pregnancy, Gum Disease And Other Oral Health Issues

Expecting a child can pose certain challenges for your teeth and gums Receiving the news that you will be adding a new life to your family can be a very exciting time. For some women, being pregnant is a great

Denture Stabilisation Vs Same Day Implants

Which of these two full arch teeth replacement methods is best for you? Following on from our previous blog about whether or not dentures still have a role to play in modern dentistry, we thought that we would take a

Do Dentures Still Have A Role To Play In Modern Dentistry?

Our Wickford dentist asks whether newer alternatives eliminate the need for this traditional tooth replacement method Dentures have been around for a very long time indeed. In fact, it is believed that the first dentures were made in around the

Beating The Discomfort Of Sensitive Teeth

Too many people live with this problem when relief is at hand Unless you have a dental issue, you probably don’t spend too much time thinking about your teeth. To many, they are just a block of material in the

Muesli, Crisp Packets And Bottles – Unexpected Ways To Break Or Chip A Tooth

Sometimes, even the most innocent things can cause damage to our teeth There are many things that can cause a tooth to crack or break. Some of these are quite obvious, such as when we have a fall that impacts

What Does Your Niggling Toothache Mean?

Dental pain can be severe or mild but shouldn’t be ignored. Our Wickford team takes a look at the possible causes It is likely that most of us will have had some degree of pain caused by a toothache at

Put A Spring In Your Step With A Brighter Whiter Smile!

Looking forward to the sunnier weather? Why not brighten your smile too…. Some of us probably feel like we spend too much time these days holding our breath and hoping that things get better very soon. After two years of

Periodontal Problems And Their Impact On Our Lives

How we can improve our gum health care with just a little additional effort Like many medical issues, a lot of dental problems could have been prevented by taking better care of ourselves. This isn’t always easy and some health

Tooth Loss – Prevention And Replacement

How to reduce the chances of losing a tooth and what to do when it does happen The one thing we all dread will happen is that we will lose a tooth, especially if this is a visible one that

Minor Tooth Misalignment? See How Fast-Acting Braces Can Help!

A smile can be spoiled by quite small problems; fortunately there are some rapid solutions Crooked teeth are quite a widespread problem. They can cause all sorts of issues, from an incorrect bite that can lead to premature damage to