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Dental Problems In Middle Age

Problems with our teeth can occur at any age, but increasingly so as we approach our middle years Our first awareness of how painful a tooth can be when things go wrong is likely to have been when we were

Smoking And Oral Cancer

Oral cancer – a life changing disease. How to minimise the risks…. Cancer, or ‘the big C’ as it is sometimes called, is well known to most of us and we may well know people who have had this disease.

Maintaining Healthy Dental Implants

Teeth implants can last for twenty years or more but need appropriate care Dental implants are a growing market with more and more people choosing them as their preferred tooth replacement option. Whilst dentures and bridges continue to be used

Your Teeth Whitening Options At The Cygnet Dental Practice

A look at the various ways we can help you achieve a more attractive smile! Most people will probably now be aware of the teeth whitening treatment that is so popular and so widely used by celebrities and other media

Bad Breath – Possible Causes And Available Treatments

Some helpful advice for Wickford halitosis sufferers Most of us will experience bad breath on occasions. We may have been in such a rush to get to work that we forgot to clean our teeth, or perhaps we smoke. These

Professional Invisalign Treatment Vs Online Teeth Straightening Offers

Guidance on orthodontic care for our Wickford patients If you are on social media, there is a good chance that you will have come across advertisements offering ‘invisible braces’ that you can buy online and use at home without visiting

Is An Improved Smile Within Your Budget?

A look at the benefits and financial implications of cosmetic dental treatment. One thing that we hear a lot at our Wickford dental practice, and we are sure that other dentists do too, is along the lines of “I’d love

What Do You Really Know About Root Canal Treatment?

Endodontic treatment can save an infected tooth and here’s why you shouldn’t worry about it Before we take a look at what a root canal treatment entails, let us address the elephant in the room. Root canal treatment has often

Suffering From Tooth Loss?

If you have missing teeth, dental implants may provide the ideal solution. Tooth loss can occur for a number of reasons and one of the most common is long term neglect of your teeth. They can be lost through accidents

Gum Health – Getting The Basics Right

Spending a little more time taking care of our gums will pay dividends – here’s why…. How healthy are your gums? Do you pay them much attention or even give them much thought at all? Well, if you don’t, you