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Suffering From Tooth Loss?

If you have missing teeth, dental implants may provide the ideal solution. Tooth loss can occur for a number of reasons and one of the most common is long term neglect of your teeth. They can be lost through accidents

Gum Health – Getting The Basics Right

Spending a little more time taking care of our gums will pay dividends – here’s why…. How healthy are your gums? Do you pay them much attention or even give them much thought at all? Well, if you don’t, you

Protecting Against Tooth Sensitivity

How to protect against the discomfort of sensitive teeth, plus treatment for those who already have them. When we think about painful teeth, we probably mostly think about tooth decay and the toothache often associated with it. Without a doubt,

Strong Teeth – A Confident Bite

Helping our Wickford patients bite and chew with confidence How many of us can truthfully say that we have every confidence in our teeth to withstand the pressure when we eat our food, and especially when we eat harder foods

Which Dental Filling Material Should You Have?

Would you choose to have amalgam or a tooth coloured filling? Some advice for our Wickford patients. However well we look after our teeth, few of us will be lucky enough to avoid going through life without needing a filling

Do You Have Plans For A Smile Makeover in 2021?

Options available at our Wickford practice to help you on the journey to great looking teeth! Many of us will be holding our breath, waiting to have our vaccination and then allowing it to take effect before we venture back

Season’s Greetings And A Healthy Attractive Smile!

Your Wickford dentists share a few thoughts for the Christmas period and a few ideas for the new year ahead I’m sure we aren’t the only ones that are looking forward to the Christmas break, even if it is likely

A New Smile With Aesthetic Dental Braces

Wickford dentist, Himesh Patel, discusses orthodontic options to straighten teeth. Although it might not be the foremost thing on our minds right now, given everything that is happening in the world; many of us will have, at some time, taken

Tooth Implant Recovery

Post treatment care and advice for our Cygnet Dental implant patients Dental implants are becoming increasingly better known and the fact that some celebrities have openly admitted to having this treatment to improve their smile has probably helped to increase

Second Lockdown – Will It Affect Our Wickford Patients?

As we start the second ‘lockdown’ to slow the spread of Covid-19, we look at whether this will have any impact on our dental services What felt increasingly likely to happen in the last few weeks has finally done so.