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Don’t Want Dentures? What Are Your Alternatives?

Although dentures are still widely used, not everybody sees them as a great solution Dentures have been around for centuries and have become an accepted standard for replacing missing teeth. Over the years, these have gone from what were pretty

Last Days Of Summer

Planning ahead for a healthy mouth this winter…. Perhaps we shouldn’t be too pessimistic and we might have an extended summer, but most of us will already have started to notice a general drop in temperature and will have a

Six Month Smiles – Efficient And Effective Teeth Straightening

Improving the smile of our Wickford patients with modern orthodontic treatments Although the pandemic with its various lockdowns and restrictions has been hard on most of us; for some, there may also be a consolation prize in the form of

Preparing Yourself For Dental Implant Surgery

Helping your Wickford implant dentist deliver successful treatments There are many good reasons for having a dental implant placed, many of which we have discussed previously. One particularly good reason though is their very high success rate and the truth

Six Foods And Drinks That Can Harm Your Teeth

Regulating what you eat and drink plays an important part in maintaining a healthy mouth The prime purpose of our teeth is to break down food so that we can eat and obtain the necessary nutrition in order not only

Dental Problems In Middle Age

Problems with our teeth can occur at any age, but increasingly so as we approach our middle years Our first awareness of how painful a tooth can be when things go wrong is likely to have been when we were

Smoking And Oral Cancer

Oral cancer – a life changing disease. How to minimise the risks…. Cancer, or ‘the big C’ as it is sometimes called, is well known to most of us and we may well know people who have had this disease.

Maintaining Healthy Dental Implants

Teeth implants can last for twenty years or more but need appropriate care Dental implants are a growing market with more and more people choosing them as their preferred tooth replacement option. Whilst dentures and bridges continue to be used

Your Teeth Whitening Options At The Cygnet Dental Practice

A look at the various ways we can help you achieve a more attractive smile! Most people will probably now be aware of the teeth whitening treatment that is so popular and so widely used by celebrities and other media

Bad Breath – Possible Causes And Available Treatments

Some helpful advice for Wickford halitosis sufferers Most of us will experience bad breath on occasions. We may have been in such a rush to get to work that we forgot to clean our teeth, or perhaps we smoke. These