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Preparing Yourself For Dental Implant Surgery

Helping your Wickford implant dentist deliver successful treatments There are many good reasons for having a dental implant placed, many of which we have discussed previously. One particularly good reason though is their very high success rate and the truth

Tackling Bad Breath

The dentists at Cygnet Dental helping to prevent the dreaded morning breath The most common type of bad breath we all experience is the dreaded morning breath. Especially if you are suffering from a bad cold and feeling bunged up,

Offering you more at Cygnet Dental Practice

Bigger and Better Cygnet Dental Practice is a family oriented NHS dental practice but just because we are NHS, it doesn’t mean that you are restricted to the types of treatment only NHS can offer you. Thanks to the continuing

10 Frequently Asked Questions at Cygnet Dental Practice

Dental Related Questions With over 10,000 registered patients, its inevitable that our dentists are going to get asked lots of questions. For this reason we have decided to collate our own list of questions and answers which are readily available on

Chew Away Decay

How beneficial is chewing gum to your oral health? Providing the chewing gum is sugar-free it can be hugely beneficial to the health of your teeth.  How you may ask?  Well, chewing increases the production of saliva.  Saliva helps to

The Dental Examination

Why is it so important? It is estimated that only 61% of adults see their dentist regularly, with 2% of the population having never actually seen a dentist ever.  Some only prefer to go when they are experiencing problems with