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Malocclusion – What Is It And What Problems Can It Cause?

How an uneven bite can create dental problems over a period of time. Have you ever seen a celebrity or TV personality who seems to have perfect teeth and thought how lucky they are? If so, it is worth remembering

Straighter Teeth With Fast Acting Orthodontics

‘Six Month Smile’ braces available at our Wickford practice. It is one thing to wish to have straighter teeth; it is another to undergo the treatment required to have them. Although there is usually no dental surgery involved, it does

Fixing A Crooked Smile In Just Six Months – Or Less!

Modern cosmetic dental braces – an even smile without a long wait. If we were to be asked which is one of the most misunderstood dental treatments currently available, it would probably have to be orthodontics (braces). A large number

Invisalign – The Convenient Way To A New Smile in Wickford

Invisalign braces

Transparent dental braces for a less stressful route to straighter teeth. One of the most common concerns that we hear at the Cygnet Dental Practice when people have crooked teeth, is that they don’t wish to have braces because they

Straighter Teeth In Just A Few Months

A look at what the Six Month Smiles system can offer our Wickford and Downham patients Having crooked teeth is not uncommon and although many people would like to do something about it, they may be reluctant due to a)

Straightening Teeth Quickly and Easily

Getting a beautiful smile is easier than you think! Gone are the days when the only option to straighten your teeth was the standard metal train-track braces that had to be worn for years. Nowadays there are systems available that can

Don’t Fear Braces! They’ve Changed A Lot….

Brace straightening teeth

Helping patients smile again with Invisalign orthodontics. The thought of having to wear dental braces is one that many people don’t even want to contemplate. When the realisation hits in later life, that our teeth are crooked or uneven and

Teeth Straightening with Ease

A beautiful smile of easier than you think! Have you ever dreamed about having a beautiful smile? Do you look at your teeth and wish you could wave a magic wand making them all fall into alignment? Well teeth straightening

The Cygnet Guide to Orthodontic Treatment

Brace Treatment Lets face it, very few of us are fortunate enough to be blessed with beautiful, straight teeth. For the rest of us a little help may be needed. This help can come in the form of a brace.

Invisalign Braces – Discreet and Convenient

Invisalign invisible braces

Why this popular orthodontic system fully deserves its reputation. When patients attend our Wickford dental practice, telling us that they would like to have their teeth straightened, many ask for more information about the Invisalign braces system to see if