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Muesli, Crisp Packets And Bottles – Unexpected Ways To Break Or Chip A Tooth

Sometimes, even the most innocent things can cause damage to our teeth There are many things that can cause a tooth to crack or break. Some of these are quite obvious, such as when we have a fall that impacts

What Does Your Niggling Toothache Mean?

Dental pain can be severe or mild but shouldn’t be ignored. Our Wickford team takes a look at the possible causes It is likely that most of us will have had some degree of pain caused by a toothache at

Tooth Loss – Prevention And Replacement

How to reduce the chances of losing a tooth and what to do when it does happen The one thing we all dread will happen is that we will lose a tooth, especially if this is a visible one that

Dental Empathy – Helping Nervous Patients

Contrary to what some might think, dentists do understand dental anxiety! Seeing nervous dental patients is part of our job. In fact, it is probably fair to say that the majority of patients that enter our Wickford dental practice, as

Christmas Gift Suggestions For The Smile Conscious

Looking for last minute present ideas for friends and family? We offer some tooth friendly suggestions In what has been another difficult year for many, Christmas may have seemed to come almost out of the blue, leaving some of us

Avoiding The Dental Horrors Of Halloween!

Can we stop our kids from compromising their teeth on October 31st? Even though many parents now do their best to manage the amount of sweets and other sugary food and drinks that their children eat, there is one day

Six Foods And Drinks That Can Harm Your Teeth

Regulating what you eat and drink plays an important part in maintaining a healthy mouth The prime purpose of our teeth is to break down food so that we can eat and obtain the necessary nutrition in order not only

Smoking And Oral Cancer

Oral cancer – a life changing disease. How to minimise the risks…. Cancer, or ‘the big C’ as it is sometimes called, is well known to most of us and we may well know people who have had this disease.

Professional Invisalign Treatment Vs Online Teeth Straightening Offers

Guidance on orthodontic care for our Wickford patients If you are on social media, there is a good chance that you will have come across advertisements offering ‘invisible braces’ that you can buy online and use at home without visiting

Protecting Against Tooth Sensitivity

How to protect against the discomfort of sensitive teeth, plus treatment for those who already have them. When we think about painful teeth, we probably mostly think about tooth decay and the toothache often associated with it. Without a doubt,