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Six Foods And Drinks That Can Harm Your Teeth

Regulating what you eat and drink plays an important part in maintaining a healthy mouth The prime purpose of our teeth is to break down food so that we can eat and obtain the necessary nutrition in order not only

Smoking And Oral Cancer

Oral cancer – a life changing disease. How to minimise the risks…. Cancer, or ‘the big C’ as it is sometimes called, is well known to most of us and we may well know people who have had this disease.

Professional Invisalign Treatment Vs Online Teeth Straightening Offers

Guidance on orthodontic care for our Wickford patients If you are on social media, there is a good chance that you will have come across advertisements offering ‘invisible braces’ that you can buy online and use at home without visiting

Protecting Against Tooth Sensitivity

How to protect against the discomfort of sensitive teeth, plus treatment for those who already have them. When we think about painful teeth, we probably mostly think about tooth decay and the toothache often associated with it. Without a doubt,

Strong Teeth – A Confident Bite

Helping our Wickford patients bite and chew with confidence How many of us can truthfully say that we have every confidence in our teeth to withstand the pressure when we eat our food, and especially when we eat harder foods

Second Lockdown – Will It Affect Our Wickford Patients?

As we start the second ‘lockdown’ to slow the spread of Covid-19, we look at whether this will have any impact on our dental services What felt increasingly likely to happen in the last few weeks has finally done so.

The ABC OF Dentistry – Q – Z

We conclude our look at some dental terminology you may have heard but not understood We hope that you have enjoyed the last 2 posts on this topic and found it useful. We know that we may sometimes use terms

Continuing Our ABC OF Dentistry – Part 2

Continuing our alphabetical look at some dental terminology you might have heard at the Cygnet Dental Practice We hope that you found our last ‘ABC’ blog interesting and may have learned a little more about dentistry in the process. Last

ABC Of Dentistry – Part 1

An alphabetical look at some of the terminology used in our Wickford dental practice We thought that we would set ourselves a challenge to come up with a dental term for each letter of the alphabet. We will continue with

Asthma And Dental Care

This common medical problem can have potential implications for your oral health. Asthma is a very common problem amongst both adults and children. At its most severe, it can require emergency medical intervention although most sufferers are able to manage