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Chipped A Tooth? – Your Next Step….

Guidance from your local Cygnet Dental Practice Team in Wickford Chipping a tooth is not an unusual dental problem. It can happen in a number of ways including a blow to the teeth from a fall, or whilst playing sports.

When Food Gets Stuck Between Your Teeth

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This irritating problem may cause more than strange looks from others! If you have ever been out for the evening and had a great time, only to return home to find that you had a large piece of spinach stuck

Dental Care In Hot Weather

teeth and gum cleaning

Cygnet Dental Practice in Wickford advises to protect your teeth during the heatwave. It’s unlikely that many people will be complaining about this spell of hot weather we are currently having; something that we see very little of in this

How Well Do You Understand Your Kids Teeth?

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Parents are the front line in protecting their children’s teeth. As a parent, we have a responsibility to take care of our children. This includes homing and feeding them as well as looking after their safety and well-being. A recent

Your Late Night Oral Health Care

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Pre bedtime cleaning is one of the most important things you can do to maintain a healthy mouth. Whether we have stayed up later than intended, or have just returned home from a party or other social occasion, it can

Extracting A Tooth in Wickford

Dentist Dr Nabiha Farooqi

The procedure, aftercare and replacement options. At The Cygnet Dental Practice in Wickford, our policy, whenever possible, is to try to save a natural tooth when it has become damaged. There are many procedures, including fillings, crowns and root canal

Are Fruit Teas Damaging Your Teeth?

Wickford Principal Dentist Dr Pabari

These healthy alternatives to regular tea, along with snacking habits, are not without drawbacks. It sometimes seems as though the population of the UK is divided into two halves; those who consume an unhealthy diet that is high in fats

Cheese And Chewing Gum

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How everyday foodstuffs can help you to have healthy teeth and gums. Although professional dental care, such as that provided at the Cygnet Dental Practice, is essential if you wish to have healthy teeth and gums well into your old

Bleeding Gums? It’s Time To See Your Local Wickford Dentist

If your gums are bleeding, inflamed, or sore, don’t ignore the symptoms! If you have noticed blood in your saliva when you spit after brushing your teeth, it is possible that you have the beginnings of gum disease. Although it

Happy Christmas To Our Wickford And Rayleigh Patients!

The Cygnet Dental Practice offers some practical Christmas tips for healthy teeth. With just a few days to go before the Christmas festivities start, most of our patients will either be starting to wind down for the holidays, or perhaps