Month: January 2018

Long Lasting Dental Implants In Wickford, Essex

dental implant next to natural tooth

Could your dental implants last you for 50 years? It is possible! As we have mentioned in previous Cygnet Dental Practice blogs, dental implants, providing that they are looked after correctly, can last for twenty years, and very often more.

Comfort And Discretion – Reasons To Choose Invisalign ‘Braces’

Invisalign braces

Our Wickford and Rayleigh dentist looks at this popular orthodontic system. The thought of having to wear dental braces may deter some people from having their teeth straightened. A lot of patients would probably rather have crooked teeth than have

Bleeding Gums? It’s Time To See Your Local Wickford Dentist

Dental repairs

If your gums are bleeding, inflamed, or sore, don’t ignore the symptoms! If you have noticed blood in your saliva when you spit after brushing your teeth, it is possible that you have the beginnings of gum disease. Although it

Dental Implants – A Stable Solution For Lost Teeth

If you don’t like the idea of wearing dentures, dental implants offer an excellent alternative. It is not unusual, at our Wickford practice, to see long term patients who have had a tooth or two missing for some time. Especially