Month: April 2018

Why We Might Recommend Root Canal Treatment

root canal treatment the steps

Forget your anxiety about this treatment. It can save your tooth! When what happens during a root canal procedure is explained in detail by our Wickford dentists, you can almost see the sense of relief on the patient’s face. There

Halitosis Sufferers in Wickford – Fresher breath may be just around the corner!

teeth and gum cleaning

Bad breath can cause social isolation. The treatment may be easier than you think. If you have ever had a face to face conversation with someone with halitosis, there is a fair chance that your first reaction was to move

What Effect Will The Sugar Tax Have On The Nation’s Teeth?

Wickford Principal Dentist Dr Pabari

Will this new tax mean a significant reduction in tooth decay, especially in children? It is possible that you may have missed the news, but you will find that, when doing your shopping, the cost of a drink which contains

Is Your Tooth Causing You Pain?

Teeth pain

Emergency toothache treatment advice for our Wickford patients. We probably rarely think about our teeth, other than when we brush, and hopefully floss, them. We go through our days with barely a thought for them until toothache strikes. The discomfort