Halitosis Sufferers in Wickford – Fresher breath may be just around the corner!

Bad breath can cause social isolation. The treatment may be easier than you think.

If you have ever had a face to face conversation with someone with halitosis, there is a fair chance that your first reaction was to move as far away as possible. Your second reaction may have been to feel sorry for them. After all, if your breath smelled bad, how many of your friends would avoid conversations with you?

It is sometimes presumed that bad breath is solely down to what you eat. It is true that some foods; garlic being the best known, can create unpleasant smelling breath. This type of bad breath though is usually temporary and soon returns to normal if you stop eating the food that causes it.

What is halitosis?

Halitosis is usually caused by the breaking down of bacteria in the mouth. When this happens, gases are expelled and it is this which causes the often foul smelling odour. Mouth sprays and other aids can be used to mask these smells, at least to some degree, but, at The Cygnet Dental Practice, we believe that this is not the correct approach to take.

Whilst other causes are possible, the vast majority of halitosis comes from poor oral health care. Incorrect or even skipping cleaning your teeth, and the absence of dental floss from your daily routine will contribute to this. If you are not a regular attendee at our Wickford practice, as well as practicing good care at home, the chances are that you may have bad breath.

How can it be treated?

The only real way to treat bad breath is to ensure that you have a healthy mouth. Your first step should be to make an appointment with one of our Wickford dental team to have your mouth examined. In all likelihood, if you have bad breath, we will find incidences of possibly cavities of the teeth, but also likely some degree of gum disease. Where decay is found, we will restore your teeth, where possible, using fillings, crowns or other techniques.

Gum disease treatment

If gum disease is present, your treatment will depend on how advanced it is. Where advanced periodontitis is present, you may require a ‘deep’clean, This not only cleans the gum line, but deep down to the roots of the teeth and the surrounding bone. This is quite an invasive procedure and will be performed using a local anaesthetic.

However, the majority of patients will require no more than a scale and polish by the hygienist and enhanced cleaning at home to help get early stage gum disease under control, where it is present. This non invasive treatment removes hardened bacteria (tartar) from the teeth and the gum line, vastly reducing the number of bacteria that are likely contributing to your unpleasant breath.

For most people, there is nearly always no need to have halitosis. Why not start on the road to having fresh breath by calling The Cygnet Dental Practice for an appointment today on 01268 733078. We’re here to set you on the road to a healthier mouth and fresher breath!