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Dealing With A Dental Emergency Whilst Abroad

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Dental problems can strike just when you don’t want them to – plan ahead! With the best will and care in the world, accidents do happen and a broken tooth is not an uncommon result of a fall, or other

Is Your Tooth Causing You Pain?

Teeth pain

Emergency toothache treatment advice for our Wickford patients. We probably rarely think about our teeth, other than when we brush, and hopefully floss, them. We go through our days with barely a thought for them until toothache strikes. The discomfort

Dental Accidents And Sudden Pain

Teeth pain

Dental care available for emergency appointments in Wickford, Essex. Prevention is key to having good oral health. There is no substitute for regular and effective brushing and flossing of the teeth, along with your usual six monthly check ups at

When toothache strikes….

damaged tooth

Looking for an emergency dentist in Wickford? Life can throw us curveballs; one moment we are sailing along quite nicely, when something unexpected happens and changes everything in a single moment. Even our teeth can be affected in this way.