Dealing With A Dental Emergency Whilst Abroad

Dental problems can strike just when you don’t want them to – plan ahead!

With the best will and care in the world, accidents do happen and a broken tooth is not an uncommon result of a fall, or other accident. When this happens at home, we obviously call our local Wickford dentist to arrange an appointment as soon as possible. What do we do though, if we are travelling abroad on holiday, or business?

Plan in advance

Nobody knows if they will have an accident or not, but if you are staying in one location, it is worth doing a little research in advance to find a suitable local dentist. It may be worth contacting your hotel to see if they can recommend someone in advance so that you can check the reviews.

Interestingly, if you haven’t seen a dentist for some time, you may have cavities that you weren’t aware of. These may be noticeable during your flight as the cabin pressure can cause them to expand, leading to some discomfort in your teeth. Unless this is too painful, you may wish to wait until your return to the UK to have this examined at the Cygnet Dental Practice rather than whilst abroad.

Severe toothache

If you suffer from a toothache whilst abroad, the action you take might depend on the severity and when it happens. If you have a painful toothache early on in your trip, we would advise that you see a local dentist to have it treated. If it happens towards the end of your trip and is manageable with painkillers, you may wish to wait and see your regular Wickford dentist upon your return.

Broken tooth

If you suffer a traumatic accident that causes a tooth to break, you should seek immediate attention. If a head trauma is involved, it is important that you have this checked first, before seeking dental treatment. This is where your research will have paid off. Depending on where you are in the world, the quality of local dental care may be variable. It is always good to know where your nearest quality dental practice is, even if it means a short journey to have the tooth treated correctly.

When fillings come out

If you have a number of fillings, it is worth packing an emergency dental kit. These include a little pre-formed ‘amalgam’ that can be used to ‘plug’ a cavity if a filling comes out. It is important that you still see the dentist on your return though, however well you think you have done it yourself. Small gaps between the tooth and filling means that bacteria will collect and decay almost certainly follow. Even if you do have treatment abroad, we strongly advise patients to have the restoration checked at the Cygnet Dental Practice upon their return. Dental standards abroad may not always match those in the UK, and having your restoration checked, and if necessary corrected, may save you a lot of trouble and discomfort further down the line.

Finally, it makes sense to make sure that your teeth and gums are in good health before you travel, especially if you are planning to be abroad for some time in a less well populated area. Your pre-travel dental check can be arranged by calling our Wickford practice on 01268 733078.