Straighter Teeth With Fast Acting Orthodontics

‘Six Month Smile’ braces available at our Wickford practice.

Young people with nice smilesIt is one thing to wish to have straighter teeth; it is another to undergo the treatment required to have them. Although there is usually no dental surgery involved, it does require a commitment of time and a little patience to achieve this aim.

The biggest barrier in patient’s minds is often the thought of having to wear teeth braces for a lengthy period of time. As we will discuss a little later though, things have changed, and patients of the Cygnet Dental Practice will find that it is now not the challenge that it once may have been.

Why straighter teeth?

Before we look at the role of orthodontics, it is worth asking why you should bother having straight teeth. After all, even crooked teeth will enable us to chew our food in most cases. For most people the answer is aesthetics. Badly crooked teeth can affect a person’s confidence when it comes to their smile. Even a slight overlapping of visible front teeth can detract from an otherwise pleasant smile.

It isn’t just aesthetics though. Crooked teeth, and especially those that overlap, are much more difficult to keep clean. Tiny particles of food and bacteria can easily become trapped in the very tight spaces provided; spaces that a toothbrush and even floss may not be able to reach. This can lead to tooth decay with the likelihood of fillings and possibly even an extraction needed. In more complex cases, there is also the issue of “bite” where misalignment can lead to further problems such as headaches and an aching jaw.

Which dental braces?

There are a number of orthodontic systems now available, from the standard and perhaps best known metal traditional braces, through to discreet cosmetic orthodontics such as those popular with our Wickford patients.

Unlike some products which you can pick ‘off the shelf’, it is not like this with teeth braces and it is important that the correct ones are used for your own situation. Those patients who require extensive straightening of a lot of teeth will need to use different ones from those who may have a simpler aesthetic issue with just a couple of front teeth for example. The only way to determine which system will work best is to have a consultation with the cosmetic dentist at the Cygnet Dental Practice.

Extensive correction

In today’s blog, we will be focusing on a system devised for relatively minor corrections. We do offer excellent solutions for more complex corrections of course, including the the popular Invisalign system. You can read a blog about this at .

Regaining your smile

For many people, the main reason to have their teeth straightened is because they are unhappy with the way that it makes their smile appear. In many cases, it will just be a tooth or two that needs to be adjusted. and, pending an examination, it is possible that one of the faster acting systems such as ‘Six Month Smile’ would be the most suitable. Although this system does use the more traditional ‘wires and brackets’ approach (unlike Invisalign), it does so using discreet, teeth coloured wiring and brackets. This renders the orthodontics almost invisible to most people around you.

You may be thinking that six months is still a long time to have to wear braces. The fact is that it is so called because this is the average time taken for them to restore your teeth to an even position. If you are deterred by wearing orthodontics for a long period of time, please don’t opt out for this reason; please discuss this with our dental team. It may well be that your own situation will require a much shorter period of correction.

It is important to note that straightening teeth has to be a gradual process. If we tried to speed things up by applying more pressure, there is a very real risk of damage to the teeth and the supportive bone structure and could result in loose and unstable teeth.


It is true that wearing orthodontics can present a few challenges, but these can be overcome, especially where the length of the treatment period should be relatively short. You might find that some foods are a little more difficult to eat and some, such as toffees, should be avoided altogether for obvious reasons. It may also be a little more difficult to clean your teeth while wearing braces, but our dentists will offer advice on how to do this effectively during the treatment period.

Once your orthodontics have been removed, it will all have been worth it. Your new smile should help you feel more confident and your teeth will be easier to keep clean. If you really want to give your teeth a real boost once the treatment is complete, why not have them whitened as well for the ultimate attractive smile?

For more information about the Six Month Smile or Invisalign systems, or for oral care advice in general, please call our Wickford dental clinic on 01268 733078.