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Teeth Whitening For The New Year

Helping Wickford patients with a brighter smile for 2022! Some of you may have only just realised how close Christmas is? As the shops fill up with tinsel and potential presents, there is no hiding from the fact that before

Your Teeth Whitening Options At The Cygnet Dental Practice

A look at the various ways we can help you achieve a more attractive smile! Most people will probably now be aware of the teeth whitening treatment that is so popular and so widely used by celebrities and other media

Three Options For Whiter Teeth

Whiter smiles for our Wickford patients! A lot of things may have changed for us during lockdown; some more permanent than others. Some of us may have struggled whilst others may have used the time to consider where they really

Professional And ‘Ready Made’ Teeth Whitening Kits Compared

Dr Krupa Thakrar at Cygnet Dental

Using shop bought tooth whitening kits may not be as effective, or as safe, as you might think. Teeth whitening is, understandably, one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments currently available. Having nice white teeth is something that most

Why Our Teeth Discolour In Later Life

It isn’t just staining from food that creates dull looking teeth as we get older. With a little bit of luck and a lot of good care taken, there is every chance that many of us will enter our later

Cosmetic Treatment For Yellow Teeth

Great oral health

Why our teeth sometimes take on a yellow shade, and how we can change this. Whilst the enamel on many people’s teeth is naturally white in colour, few of us will still have this attractive shade as we advance in

Preserving The Effects Of Teeth Whitening

Maintaining teeth whiteness following treatment in Wickford. If you have recently had your teeth whitened at the Cygnet Dental Practice, we are confident that you will be feeling very pleased with the results. As we will have explained when you