Cosmetic Treatment For Yellow Teeth

Why our teeth sometimes take on a yellow shade, and how we can change this.

Whilst the enamel on many people’s teeth is naturally white in colour, few of us will still have this attractive shade as we advance in years.

Our daily habits can contribute to teeth discolouration, but even those who follow a ‘clean’ diet and who also clean their teeth well, will find that their teeth are no longer as white as they once were.

Causes of yellow teeth

One of the most obvious causes of yellow teeth is if you have been a smoker, especially for some time. Those of you who are regular readers of the Cygnet Dental Practice’s blogs will no doubt be aware of many of the more serious risks of smoking, but for the purposes of today’s blog, let’s focus on the discolouration factor.

Cigarettes contain not only nicotine, but also tar, along with other carcinogenic substances. Tar is extremely sticky and will stick to the enamel surface, often accumulating over many years. Some of this tar will also find its way into the miniscule gaps in the enamel, making the staining even more difficult to remove.

Even non smokers are not safe from having yellow teeth though, as in many cases it is the inner part of our teeth that change colour. Whilst the enamel may retain a certain level of whiteness, it is semi translucent and will show the darker coloured interior, making your teeth appear yellow.

This type of yellowing effect is almost unavoidable and is something that happens to us all as we grow older.

Whitening treatment

Our Wickford and Rayleigh patients need not worry. At the Cygnet Dental Practice we offer a very successful and safe treatment in the form of a custom home whitening treatment that can restore your teeth to almost their former level of whiteness. Designed specifically for each individual, you should see a significant improvement in the colour after your teeth after wearing the whitening trays for a few hours each day for a period of between one and two weeks.

The treatment is safe and affordable, and, of course, we are always here should you have any questions during the treatment period. Side effects are rare, but a few people may experience a little additional tooth sensitivity for a short period following the treatment; however this should return to normal soon afterwards.

If your teeth have turned an unpleasant shade of yellow and you would like to see them much whiter again, why not call our Wickford cosmetic dentists on 01268 733078 to arrange an initial consultation where you can discuss your requirements with us?