Teeth Whitening For The New Year

Helping Wickford patients with a brighter smile for 2022!

A beautiful smile using orthodontic treatment.Some of you may have only just realised how close Christmas is? As the shops fill up with tinsel and potential presents, there is no hiding from the fact that before long, it will be time for family and friends to get together in a Christmas that, for many, will be very different from last year. This can be a busy and sometimes stressful time of the year for some people. Even for those who enjoy it, it can also be quite nice to relax amd unwind once it is all over.

One way to cope with the additional stresses is to think ahead to the new year, especially planning a treat for yourself. Some people, for example,  book early holidays to unwind. Whilst you wouldn’t want members of our team flying your plane, there is something that we are very good at which is providing you with a much whiter and brighter smile using our teeth whitening treatments. A nice little treat just in time for the new year ahead!

New year blues

Whether you simply want something to kickstart your new year or if you are one of those people who finds January a bit depressing after the excitement of the festive season, giving yourself and your self confidence a boost is a great way to start the new year. Having your teeth whitened will really improve your smile and many also say, your self confidence too. Teeth whitening is a straightforward and non-invasive treatment that can make a real difference. It is also one of the most affordable cosmetic treatments that we have available at the Cygnet Dental Practice so you might even be able to persuade your other half to treat you to your new smile for Christmas!

Book your consultation now….

There is no time like the present and you will need to see us for a consultation before we provide the treatment. This is partially to discuss what you hope to achieve, but it also allows us to examine your teeth and gums beforehand. There is little point in having white teeth if you have tooth decay etc, so it makes sense to have any necessary treatment before the whitening procedure starts.

How does tooth whitening work?

There are two factors that cause teeth to lose their whiteness. The first of these is surface staining of the enamel. This is usually caused by factors that we can control, and consumption of products like tea, red wine, dark berries and especially cigarette smoke, are all very likely to contribute to some significant staining of your teeth.

The second factor is something that we have little, if any, control over. As we become older, the layer below the enamel of our teeth, known as dentin, starts to darken in colour as a natural part of the ageing process. As the enamel of our teeth is translucent, this will gradually start to show and can leave our teeth looking dull and sometimes, yellow looking.  Whilst a hygienist’s scale and polish treatment can certainly remove some external staining, only a teeth whitening treatment can reverse the dullness of the inner part of the tooth.

‘At home’ teeth whitening

There are two types of teeth whitening treatments available. The first takes place within the clinic and the second allows you to do this at home. At our Wickford dental practice, we use the latter and have found that this works really well for our patients. There is no difference in the results but many people enjoy the luxury of being able to whiten their teeth whilst watching their favourite TV programme. In order to whiten your teeth safely and effectively, we first of all need to take impressions of your teeth. These impressions are then used by a dental laboratory to produce ‘trays’ that sit directly over your teeth. In these trays is placed the whitening gel that will, over a short period of time, leave you with a much improved smile.

Unlike some of the ‘over the counter’ treatments that are available, this custom treatment provides two significant benefits. Firstly, the trays will fit your teeth securely as they were made specifically for you. This plays a big part in preventing the gel coming into contact with your lips and gums as this could cause some unpleasant irritation. Secondly, we are able to adjust your treatment according to how much improvement you want or need. For example, some people want to have their teeth as white as possible whereas others might feel a little conspicuous with dazzling white teeth and may choose a more subtle improvement.

We will also provide you with full instructions and are always on hand if you have any questions about the treatment as you go along.

Generally speaking, your trays will need to be worn between one and four hours a day depending on the situation, and you should start to really notice an improvement around a week after starting. After two weeks, you will be able to see the full results, and we are sure that you will be really pleased with them.

Why not give your new year a ‘kickstart’ with our custom teeth whitening treatment? To book your consultation, please call the Cygnet Dental Practice today on 01268 733078.