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Put A Spring In Your Step With A Brighter Whiter Smile!

Looking forward to the sunnier weather? Why not brighten your smile too…. Some of us probably feel like we spend too much time these days holding our breath and hoping that things get better very soon. After two years of

Dental Problems In Middle Age

Problems with our teeth can occur at any age, but increasingly so as we approach our middle years Our first awareness of how painful a tooth can be when things go wrong is likely to have been when we were

Is An Improved Smile Within Your Budget?

A look at the benefits and financial implications of cosmetic dental treatment. One thing that we hear a lot at our Wickford dental practice, and we are sure that other dentists do too, is along the lines of “I’d love

Do You Have Plans For A Smile Makeover in 2021?

Options available at our Wickford practice to help you on the journey to great looking teeth! Many of us will be holding our breath, waiting to have our vaccination and then allowing it to take effect before we venture back

Considering Some Smile Improvements For The New Year?

Our Wickford cosmetic dental team looks at ways to achieve a great looking smile! Although this time of year can be very busy, planning for festive get togethers and Christmas present shopping, some of us will also be starting to

Getting Married? Here’s How We Can Help Make Your Special Day, Extra Special!

Invisalign braces

Wickford dentist, Dr Krupa Thakrar looks at how a smile makeover can help provide long lasting memories. Getting married is a major event for most people. It can be incredibly stressful for those doing the planning and also an expensive

Changing The Image Of The ‘British Smile’

Dentist doing examination

The state of the UK population’s teeth is often ridiculed by some living in the USA. Is it justified? The idea of the British having ugly and discoloured teeth has long been a standard subject of American humour. British characters

Smile Improvements Without Dental Surgery In Wickford

Wickford Principal Dentist Dr Pabari

Nicer teeth without invasive treatments! There are many procedures, such as dental implants, crowns and veneers that are excellent for restoring damaged or missing teeth. All of these, however, do require invasive treatment and the need for a local anaesthetic

Non Invasive Aesthetic Dental Procedures

Concerned woman

Non invasive treatments for nervous patients in Wickford. Whilst a patient with a general fear of the dentist will usually, albeit perhaps reluctantly, undergo necessary treatment, especially if a toothache is present; it is sometimes a different matter when it

A New Smile For The New Year At Your Wickford Cosmetic Dentist

Whiter teeth

Dental makeovers for a beautiful new smile. Now that Christmas is behind us for another year, many of us will be looking to the new year celebrations and beyond. Whilst our more immediate thoughts may be on the night itself,