Put A Spring In Your Step With A Brighter Whiter Smile!

Looking forward to the sunnier weather? Why not brighten your smile too….

Whiter teethSome of us probably feel like we spend too much time these days holding our breath and hoping that things get better very soon.

After two years of Covid, it still seems to not have gone away and, of course, there is the tragedy in Ukraine which everyone is willing to end as soon as possible. It can seem like a difficult time for us at the moment but within these difficulties, people have been looking for ways to bring a little light into their own, and others lives.

Our own mental health is important and it is often the little things that can help us through difficult times. Whilst some have discovered new hobbies, others have focussed on themselves, assessing where they want to be in the future, sometimes changing jobs and others, changing things about themselves.

A Spring Clean

Now it is officially spring, we might start to tentatively feel a little more optimistic and start to look forward to being outdoors more and mixing with others in social situations. As part of the focus on ourselves, some will have bought new clothes or had manicures etc, so that they look their best for the coming months. At the Cygnet Dental Practice in Wickford, we feel that we also have a role to play in how people see themselves. Cosmetic dentistry can really change lives and one of the most popular of these is the teeth whitening procedure.

Benefits of whiter teeth

The most noticeable benefit of having whiter and more attractive teeth is that they simply look great. Gone is the dull and uninspiring smile that you used to have; replaced by a bright and white one that is sure to be noticed by those around you. Looking good is important from an aesthetic point of view but it is also often the ‘little’ things in life, like an improvement in the appearance of your teeth, that can also make you feel more confident about yourself.

This should not be underestimated, especially as so many are suffering with mental health issues right now. Feeling good about yourself not only helps to avoid this but also means that others tend to respond to us better. It is often said that people make decisions about us within the first few minutes of meeting us. It is also said that one of the first things that people notice is our smile. A warm, bright friendly smile, on meeting someone for the first time, is a sure way to get off to a good start. Who knows, this could be a person who changes your life.

Two types of discolouration

There are two main reasons that our teeth become discoloured. Both of these can be treated using our custom teeth whitening treatment.

The one that is probably most familiar to our patients is surface staining. This occurs when products remain on the surface of our teeth and stick to them. This would include products like tea, coffee, red wine and soy sauce amongst others. This can be mitigated to some degree with good home brushing and regular scale and polishes by our dental hygienist but stains will still accumulate and you will definitely benefit from a teeth whitening procedure.

The second reason is one that we simply can’t do anything about. As we become older, the softer dentin section of our teeth, located beneath the enamel, starts to darken in colour. This will eventually start to show through the translucent enamel, especially if that has been worn by erosion.  When this darkening happens, only a teeth whitening procedure can reverse this.

Your treatment

The good news for nervous patients who want to have nicer looking teeth is that this is a non-invasive treatment, and you can carry it out in your own home. After assessing your teeth, we will take impressions of them which are sent to a laboratory for trays to be made. These trays are used to put a whitening gel in and then placed over your teeth. They should be worn for a few hours a day and you should start to see results after around a week. The full benefits will be seen after two.  The fact that the trays are custom made means that the likelihood of soft tissue irritation from the whitening gel is kept to a minimum and they will also feel more comfortable.

Long lasting

We often get asked how long the effects of this treatment last. The reality is that it is not permanent and if you are looking for something more long term, we will be pleased to discuss dental veneers with you. The effects of a  teeth whitening procedure should last for several months or even longer however, but a lot will depend on your own habits. If you drink a lot of coffee, red wine etc, then you are likely to see your teeth start to discolour again sooner than someone who only drinks water.

The fact is that the effects do last for a reaosnably long time if you look after your teeth well, but also, the treatment is repeatable as often as you wish. Whilst some want whiter teeth for a special occasion, others book a regular appointment at our Wickford dental practice so that they can maintain a whiter set of teeth. This straightforward and affordable treatment can really improve your smile!

If you are looking for ways to make the best of spring and summer, why not consider this popular cosmetic treatment? We are happy to discuss details with you at a free non clinical consultation which you can book by calling the Cygnet Dental Practice on 01268 733078.