Chipped A Tooth? – Your Next Step….

Guidance from your local Cygnet Dental Practice Team in Wickford

Chipping a tooth is not an unusual dental problem. It can happen in a number of ways including a blow to the teeth from a fall, or whilst playing sports. Even eating something like muesli can cause this to happen if you bite down onto a small piece of stone that has made its way into the final product.

The treatment necessary to restore the tooth will depend on both the size and location of the chip and can range from very minor treatment, to the need for a more invasive procedure. Whatever you do though, you should always have a chipped tooth checked out at our Wickford practice.

Consequences of ignoring a chipped tooth

Whilst a very tiny chip from a tooth may only affect the appearance and pose no real risks, even this can cause discomfort if it has left a sharp edge. This can cause irritation to the lips and tongue with discomfort and possibly also infection. More significant chips may have exposed the dentin layer of the tooth and if this is the case, bacteria are likely to enter, and decay or root canal infection may follow. Avoiding early treatment for this ‘minor’ problem could cause much more extensive issues later on.


Local Wickford and Rayleigh patients will be examined at the Cygnet Dental Practice to determine the most appropriate treatment, as small and large chips in different parts of the mouth will need different treatments. These will depend on individual situations, but briefly, the following are some of the possible treatments available.

Front teeth

Minor chips – These may be filled using a composite or a white dental filling. This will work to not only improve the look of your teeth, but also smooth out any sharp edges, and making your mouth more comfortable.

Larger chips – Whilst a white dental filling could still be used in some circumstances, dental veneers are another option. Especially if the tooth has cracked as well as chipped, i.e. more extensive damage, this is an excellent way of protecting the tooth from further failure, as well as improving the appearance.

Rear Teeth

Minor chips – Again, a filling could be used, depending on the type of chip. This location is not uncommon for a tooth to suffer damage as it is where we chew and grind our food.

Larger chips – If the chip is not suitable for a filling, a likely option is the use of a dental crown. This will help to provide the additional strength for the food grinding role of the rear teeth. Alternatively an onlay or inlay may be used where suitable.

If you have a chipped tooth and have not had it examined, you should make an appointment to see one of our Wickford dentists as soon as possible. You can contact the Cygnet Dental Practice by calling us on 01268 733078 and our team will be pleased to arrange your visit as soon as possible.