Do You Have Plans For A Smile Makeover in 2021?

Options available at our Wickford practice to help you on the journey to great looking teeth!

Great new smileMany of us will be holding our breath, waiting to have our vaccination and then allowing it to take effect before we venture back out into the world again.

It won’t, of course, be the world exactly as we knew it before, and there are likely to be some Covid restrictions for a short time at least.

As the vaccine roll out continues though, we will slowly start to resume some of those things that we haven’t been able to for some time.

From simple pleasures like meeting a friend for coffee in a cafe, to more exotic events like that long delayed holiday in the sun. Slowly but surely, life will hopefully start to return to something like normal and when it does, we will want to be ready for it and looking our best, ready for our new found freedom.

It is fair to say that 2020 was largely a ‘holding’ year, and most of us will have probably spent little on clothes, hair, nails and other beauty products as we simply weren’t socialising. This is likely to change, and what better way to highlight the new you than having a great looking smile to go with it?

Cosmetic dentistry

There are still some people who may be unaware of the improvements that cosmetic dentistry can make, both to your smile, but to your sense of well being also. An attractive and friendly smile can go a long way to endearing others to you and is not as hard to achieve as you might think.

Although good oral health is the most important thing for anyone, this doesn’t mean that your teeth shouldn’t also look attractive. At the Cygnet Dental Practice in Wickford, we have a wide selection of treatments available to help you achieve just that.

Here are a few of the cosmetic dental treatments that we have available, along with guidelines to how long these take to have their desired effect.

Teeth whitening

We offer an ‘at home’ teeth whitening experience. This is entirely different from an ‘off the shelf’ product though as the trays in which the whitening agent is placed are produced from impressions that are taken of your own teeth. This means that not only will the trays be more comfortable when worn, but also minimises the risk of leakage from them. This is important as the whitening agent is a form of bleach and can burn the soft tissue of the gums.

This treatment is just as effective as an ‘in house’ treatment with the added bonus that it can be carried out at home whilst watching TV etc. You should start to notice the effects after just one week with the full results seen around two weeks after you start the treatment.

Porcelain veneers

A teeth whitening procedure is the first port of call for most people who want whiter teeth. If your teeth are heavily stained though; for example, if you have been a smoker for some time, the results may not be as good as you had hoped for. For patients in this situation, dental veneers are an excellent alternative and the non porous material used to produce them is heavily stain resistant and should keep your teeth nice and bright for many years to come.

If you are unsure whether you will require veneers or whether a teeth whitening procedure will be sufficient for your needs, our Wickford dental team is here to help you.

The above two treatments are probably the most widely used by people wishing to have a more attractive smile. Where teeth are missing or crooked though, both of the above treatments can highlight these ‘flaws’. If you are in this situation, you may wish to consider the options below.

Six Month Smile orthodontics

If your visible front teeth are crooked or perhaps, overlapping, there are now fast acting orthodontic systems available to help you. One of the most popular of these is the Six Month Smiles system. Despite the name of the product, less significant crookedness can sometimes be corrected in a shorter period of time than six months. In order to determine whether this is the most appropriate way to straighten your crooked teeth, you will need to arrange a consultation so that we can examine them and put a treatment plan into place.

Dental implants

Missing teeth no longer need dentures or a bridge to replace them. More and more people are now opting instead to have a dental implant. This is an excellent option as it not only replaces the crown part of the tooth, but the root too. Although this is not a visible part of the tooth, it does play a very important role in preventing bone loss in that area and also gives it the extra strength and stability that is so important to help us feel more confident when we are eating.

If you are not entirely happy with the way that your teeth look and are interested in finding out how we can help to make 2021 the year when you love your smile again, please contact us to arrange an initial consultation where we can discuss the treatments that can help you to achieve this.

Please call the Cygnet Dental Practice on 01268 733078.