Is An Improved Smile Within Your Budget?

A look at the benefits and financial implications of cosmetic dental treatment.

Smiling couple with great teethOne thing that we hear a lot at our Wickford dental practice, and we are sure that other dentists do too, is along the lines of “I’d love to have nicer looking teeth, but I can’t afford it”. We know that finances can mean that having a nicer smile is a challenge for some people but it may not be quite as problematic as you think.

As cosmetic dentistry is not available via the NHS, Cygnet Dental Practice patients will have to pay privately. We acknowledge that this can be a deterrent but having a nicer smile may be more accessible that you realise!

Affordable cosmetic treatments

There is one particular cosmetic treatment which is very popular, partially because of its effectiveness, but also because it is relatively inexpensive. The teeth whitening procedure is now widely used, sometimes for one off occasions such as a wedding, whilst others use it to maintain attractive white teeth over a longer period of time. This non-invasive treatment not only improves the whiteness of your smile by several shades but many who have had this done report a sense of increased self confidence, especially in situations where they are likely to smile. An attractive smile like this for example at a job interview, might just give you that edge and could pay you back handsomely for the small investment that you have made.

Other treatments

Whilst a tooth whitening procedure is one of the most affordable cosmetic treatments at the Cygnet Dental Practice, we acknowledge that some other treatments are more expensive, certainly as an initial outlay.

There are two things to consider here though. Firstly, although finding the money to pay for a treatment might be a challenge, please remember that we offer our patients a range of payment plans which allow you to make repayments over a period of time. These are low, or even no, interest payment plans depending on the options that you choose and how long you pay back over. It is also worth considering the longevity of the results of the treatments. Whilst a teeth whitening treatment lasts for several months, it does have a limited life span. Other treatments though can be much longer lasting and may even be effective for the rest of your life.

Cost effectiveness

Let us take a look at three treatments that we offer at our Wickford practice. We think you will see that although not necessarily cheap at the initial outlay, the long lasting results actually make them good value for money.

Dental veneers

Veneers are often used to restore severely discoloured teeth, such as those of a heavy smoker, or where there are cracks and chips on the tooth surface. These are attached to the front of the teeth and provide the patient with a long lasting smile. On average, a patient should expect their veneers to last them for ten years or so, providing that they take care of them. The cost of dental veneers starts at around £500, so although that may seem a lot for an initial outlay; in effect, you are paying £50 a year, or £1 a week to improve your smile.


Modern orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign can be more expensive than traditional ‘wire and bracket’ style braces but offer advantages too. Patients that choose modern systems can benefit from a more discreet and comfortable treatment. As some orthodontic treatment lasts for a year or more, this is a significant benefit. So long as you wear the retainer that we will provide upon completion of the treatment, you should be able to maintain straight and even teeth for a very long time indeed without needing further treatment, making this, in effect, a one time payment.

Dental implants

Dental implants are one of the most expensive treatments that we provide but they do offer an excellent solution for replacing missing teeth. They are extremely strong and stable and are as close to a real tooth as is currently possible.

At around an average of £2500 for an individual tooth implant, it might be understandable that some patients opt for dentures instead, but the longevity of implants means that they are actually good value for money. Although dentures may be cheaper, they often require repairs and general maintenance, all of which adds to the cost each time. With dental implants, once placed and established, they should need no further care providing that you look after them as advised.

Implants are generally considered to last for twenty years or more but it is worth remembering that the first person ever to have them fitted died with them still intact 40 plus years later! Even at a lifespan of twenty years though, this would only work out at £125 per year and the chances are that, with good care, they will last much longer for you.

In essence, if you would like to improve your smile but are concerned about the cost, we recommend that you arrange a consultation with us so that we can create a treatment plan based on your requirements and budget. We are also happy to discuss our finance plans and the best way for you to pay for your treatment.  You can call our Wickford dental clinic on 01268 733078 and we look forward to assisting you in your new smile journey.