Same Day Full Arch Teeth Replacement

Using dental implants to provide great looking new teeth in just one day.

Although multiple tooth loss can be caused by traumatic injury, and it can also occur due to side effects of treatment for some serious health issues; the majority of people who lose a large number of teeth tend to be older. Although a few teeth may remain, this neither looks very attractive nor provides the functionality required to eat a wide ranging diet.

Even as we grow older, more and more of us are still paying attention to our appearance and living a broad social life. With teeth missing, this is likely to deter us from fully enjoying our later years.

Dental implants

Most of our Wickford and Rayleigh patients probably know dental implant placement as a procedure for replacing an individual lost tooth. Whilst they are very effective in doing this, they can also be used where a full arch of teeth have been lost. Instead of using individual implants to replace each missing tooth, a process that would be both very lengthy and expensive; using four or sometimes six dental implants to attach a fixed bridge is a much more efficient way to do this.

All on 4/6 procedure

To attach the fixed bridge, it is first necessary to place sufficient dental implants to secure it in place. This may be four or six, depending on the circumstances. Two implants are then placed at the rear of the mouth, and the others towards the front.

It is the rear implants that are especially key to this procedure. Designed to be placed into the jawbone at a specific angle, they not only provide additional security, but can also be placed in patients who would otherwise lack sufficient bone structure; something which is relatively common in older patients.

Once the implants have been placed, the fixed bridge of teeth can then be attached and you can leave the Cygnet Dental Practice with a brand new set of teeth. Although you can eat more or less immediately after this procedure, we would suggest that you start with soft foods as you may feel a little sore initially and you may not be used to having teeth, so it may feel a little unusual at first.  Within a short period of time, you will be able to confidently eat the foods that you wish.

However old you are, there is always a solution for replacing missing teeth at our Wickford practice. If you have a gap, or an arch of teeth, that you would like replacing, why not arrange an initial consultation with the implant team by calling the Cygnet Dental Practice in Wickford on 01268 733078.