Are Dental Implants Really As Good As They Are Said To Be?

Why an increasing number of patients are opting for this excellent teeth replacement procedure.

A lot has been written in the media about the benefits of dental implants, including their longevity and natural appearance.

To have dental implants placed however, does mean undergoing a somewhat invasive treatment. Compared to that, dentures would be a far less intrusive option, so why are many people opting for implants instead?

At the Cygnet Dental Practice, as with many others, we are finding that an increasing number of our Wickford and Rayleigh patients are considering dental implants as their first choice to replace missing teeth. Whilst not everyone finally decides on implants, this is certainly becoming more frequent – and with good reason.

The dental implant procedure

The biggest hurdle to having implants placed for most people is the procedure itself. The idea of having holes made in the jawbone can be off-putting for more nervous patients for example. Although this may sound a frightening experience, the local anaesthetic and modern equipment means that most patients find this part of the procedure to be nothing like as uncomfortable as they had expected.

The other potential hurdle is the fact that your diet, and some social habits such as smoking, will be restricted for a short period of time following the placement of the implant. This is in order to allow the titanium implant time to bond with the bone. This period, known as the osseointegration period, is at the heart of what makes dental implants so strong and secure.

The benefits

It is true that there is a certain commitment that is necessary if a patient is to have a dental implant. This short period of inconvenience though certainly pays off in the longer run. Once fully integrated with the bone, dental implants offer many benefits, including the following:

Strength – A healthy dental implant will almost certainly be as strong, and quite possibly stronger, than your natural teeth. Unlike dentures, you will not have to give a second thought to whether your implant can cope with a particular food.

Natural look and feel – Because an implant has an artificial root, unlike a denture or bridge, dental implants look entirely natural, Although they may feel a little unusual initially, most patients find that their replacement teeth feel almost like their natural ones after a short period of time.

Longevity – Providing that you look after your dental implants with regular brushing and flossing, as well as hygienist visits at our Wickford practice, there is no reason why your implant should not last you for at least twenty years, and very often many more.

If you would like to discover more about dental implants, our dentists will be happy to discuss them with you. To arrange an initial consultation, please call the Cygnet Dental Practice on 01268 733078.