Planning For Dental Implants In 2022

Could the new year be the time for you to discover a confident new smile?

Dental implant in placeAs we approach the end of this year with a degree of uncertainty, still hoping that we can get together as families for the Christmas festivities; some of us might be thinking further ahead into the new year; a time when we often look at ways of ‘renewing’ our lives.

In many cases, this will mean things like stopping smoking (a very good idea incidentally), losing a few pounds or just living a healthier life.

It is also a time when some people decide that enough is enough and are determined to do something to improve their smile.

Whilst, for some people, this might just mean having a straightforward teeth whitening procedure, for others who have missing teeth or who currently wear dentures that they find uncomfortable and inconvenient, it can be a time when they finally decide to choose to have teeth implants instead. This is a sure way to have stronger teeth that not only look natural, but greatly widen the range of foods that you can comfortably eat without difficulty.

If you fall into this category, now is a good time to call the Cygnet Dental Practice in Wickford. We can book you in for an initial consultation where we can discuss this in more detail with you. In the meantime, it is worth taking a few minutes to read some general dental implant information and key benefits below.


The benefits of dental implants are now well known. These natural looking and feeling teeth are a great way to replace missing teeth and provide a secure tooth replacement, allowing people to eat whatever they like without having to worry about their instability, as can be the case with dentures in some patients. They are also easier to keep clean and can be brushed and flossed as you hopefully already do with your natural teeth.


There are one or two things which sometimes deter potential patients. These are the cost of implants and also the procedure itself. The fact is that teeth implants are not the cheapest treatment available, but once placed, and if looked after correctly, they can last for 20 years or more, usually without the need for any further intervention beyond routine scale and polish treatments.

The procedure itself can sound more ‘scary’ than it actually is. In fact, a combination of our experienced Wickford dentists, local anaesthetics and leading techniques, means that this procedure should cause no more discomfort than most other treatments. We do understand that both of these issues can cause concern and we’ll be pleased to discuss both financial payment plans and any anxiety issues during your free no-obligation initial consultation.

Minor initial inconvenience

Having dental implants placed does require a little perseverance for a short time. You won’t be able to smoke and will need to moderate drinking for a period of time as this increases the risk of periodontal disease which could weaken the bone holding the implant in place. There will also be restrictions on what you can eat for a little while to allow time for the implant to fuse with the bone. This period usually lasts around 3 months and whilst initially, a soft food diet will be necessary, within a short time you will be able to add more substantial food. After approximately three months, there will be nothing that you won’t be able to eat that you could with a healthy natural tooth. Although this may be a little inconvenient for a short while, do bear in mind that it will provide you with a big improvement in the way that you eat and the choice of foods for a very long time ahead. So we think that the minor initial convenience is well worth it!

A word about denture and implant cleaning

One factor that sometimes isn’t taken into account when choosing between dentures and dental implants is the daily care that needs to be taken to look after them properly. In this sense, dentures are far less convenient. They not only need to be brushed daily, outside the mouth at that, but also need to be soaked regularly too. Implants on the other hand, can just be brushed and flossed as you would your natural teeth, along with your 6 monthly hygienist clean of course.

With the festive break shortly upon us, why not use the next few days to book your initial implant consultation with us for next year and take that first step towards an attractive and confident new smile!

To book your consultation, please call our Wickford implant team on 01268 733078.