Your Local Wickford And Rayleigh NHS Dentists

Essential dental care from the Cygnet Dental Practice.

Although more and more people are focussed on cosmetic dental procedures to improve their smile, it is important not to forget that even the nicest looking teeth should be healthy teeth too.

Whilst a wider range of treatments are available for private patients, we still believe that good quality dental care should be available for all, and not dependent on their financial situation. With this in mind, we are pleased to be able to take on new NHS patients at our Wickford practice.

Due to budgetary restrictions for NHS patients, the procedures that are available fall predominantly into the ‘essential’ category. All cosmetic treatments, with the occasional exception of dental implants in certain, but rare, circumstances, are not included in the NHS treatments and will have to be paid for privately. Where patients wish to have treatments such as veneers or teeth whitening, we are able to offer payment plans to help you to spread the cost.

Essential family dental care

NHS dental treatments are designed to enable all family members to have dental treatments that are designed to keep their teeth and gums in good health. It also includes regular check ups which are an important part of everyone’s regular oral care regimen.

The main categories of treatments available are:


NHS fillings are of the darker amalgam variety. Anyone wishing to have a tooth coloured filling will be required to pay for this privately.


All necessary extractions are available on the NHS.


These will be taken at regular intervals as part of your ongoing oral health check. They will also be carried out prior to procedures such as a root canal treatment.

Scale and polish

This will be carried out by the hygienist and is an important part of the ongoing fight against gum disease.

Root canal treatment

Where the inner part of the tooth, where the blood vessels and nerves are stored (sometimes referred to as the ‘pulp’) become infected, it can be possible to save the natural tooth with this treatment. The only other available alternative is to have the tooth extracted.

Dental crown

Where decay is too significant or where a tooth has broken in a way that makes a filling impractical, a porcelain dental crown may be used to restore the tooth.


A bridge can be used as an alternative to a partial denture to replace a missing tooth.


Partial and full dentures are available on the NHS. Please note that this may not include all types of dentures such as the flexible type.


Where teeth need straightening for ‘medical’ reasons rather than cosmetic ones, orthodontic treatment is available. This does not include orthodontics that are designed for cosmetic purposes, such as Invisalign. Fees for NHS dental treatments are priced according to bands and you can see a current price list at

NHS or Private?

It is true that many dental practices are now fully private and this has left some areas of the country with limited access to NHS dental care. This is not a philosophy that we share and we believe that all of our Wickford and Rayleigh patients should have access to essential oral care. The treatments may not make your teeth look beautiful, but they will help you to have a healthy and functional set of teeth.

There is a lot to be said for private dentistry though. A great looking smile can not only make you look more attractive, but may well give your confidence and sense of well being a boost as well. Affordable cosmetic treatments such as the ever popular teeth whitening procedure, can lift your smile from dull to bright and attractive.

Not all ‘cosmetic’ treatments are solely that either and dental implants are a good case in point. These offer a much greater degree of strength, stability and longevity than dentures or a bridge and few patients who have them, would be likely to wish they had chosen dentures instead. Unfortunately, the cost of dental implants is too prohibitive for them to be available on the NHS, however much we would love all of our patients to have access to this treatment. Again though, we do offer payment plans for this and other cosmetic treatments to help you spread the cost of the treatment over time.

NHS dental care is available for all members of the family, from the very youngest to the oldest member. If you would like to register at the Cygnet Dental Practice as an NHS patient, or alternatively as a private patient, please contact us for details on 01268 733078.