Preserving The Effects Of Teeth Whitening

Maintaining teeth whiteness following treatment in Wickford.

If you have recently had your teeth whitened at the Cygnet Dental Practice, we are confident that you will be feeling very pleased with the results.

As we will have explained when you had the procedure, unfortunately the results are not permanent, and your teeth will gradually start to discolour again after several months.

Whilst our teeth whitening treatments are largely very affordable for our Wickford and Rayleigh patients, it is only logical that you will want to keep your new found whiteness for as long as you can. In today’s blog, we offer a few suggestions as to how you might achieve this.

Avoid staining food and drinks

This one should be quite obvious. Some food and drinks are well known to stain your teeth. Red wine, tea and coffee should be avoided, or at least minimised. Some foods such as soy sauce are also known to stain the teeth. Smoking will also discolour them and should be avoided altogether for both this, and other health reasons that we have previously discussed.

Rinse, clean or chew

If you have eaten or drunk something that is known to be staining, and sometimes this can almost be unavoidable, giving your teeth a quick brush is ideal if possible. If you can’t do this, rinsing the mouth with water as soon as you can will help to minimise any staining effects. Sugar free chewing gum is also useful for this purpose.

Whitening toothpastes

These toothpastes offer little in the way of improvement if your teeth are already stained or discoloured. They may be useful, however, for maintaining teeth that are already white. Be careful though, as some whitening toothpastes work by including additional abrasive elements which can harm the surface enamel of your teeth if used too vigorously.


Whilst the prime purpose of a dental hygienist is to help ensure that you have healthy gums, the scale and polish that they perform will also remove some surface staining from your teeth. Our Wickford located dentists always recommend that you see the hygienist for the sake of your gum health, but this additional whitening is a nice extra benefit that you may also receive.

Top ups

Please remember, you already have the custom made trays that were used to whiten your teeth. This means that topping up the whiteness becomes cheaper as you only have to pay for the whitening gel. We recommend that you consult your local cosmetic dentist at our practice for advice as to the best way to go about this and to ensure that all is still suitable regarding re-treatment.  Whatever you do, do not buy whitening gels over the Internet as these could prove to be very harmful and you should only use those available from a registered dentist.

If you would like to see how we can help you have a great looking, new white smile, please call the Cygnet Dental Practice on 01268 733078.