Denture Stabilisation Vs Same Day Implants

Which of these two full arch teeth replacement methods is best for you?

Implant stabilised denturesFollowing on from our previous blog about whether or not dentures still have a role to play in modern dentistry, we thought that we would take a look at the available treatment options at the Cygnet Dental Practice when a full arch of teeth has been lost.

These will need to be replaced and the two options available are either dentures or dental implants, or more specifically ‘all on 4’ or ‘same day implants’.

Observant readers of our blogs will have noticed that we occasionally discuss denture stabilisation using teeth implants as one solution to this. On the surface, these may seem quite similar to same day implants which are secured in a similar way, but there are differences which we will take a look at below.

What are ‘stabilised dentures’?

Also sometimes known as ‘snap on dentures’, these are a full set of dentures which are either specially made for this purpose, or in some cases, your own dentures may be adjusted so that they can be used in this way. In most cases, these are secured by four dental implants which are placed in the mouth at strategic points and the dentures are then held into place by these.

What are ‘same day implants’

On the surface, this is a similar treatment to the above in that a replacement set of teeth are secured into place using dental implants; again, usually four are used but sometimes six. Instead of using dentures though, a permanent fixed bridge of teeth is used instead. Let us know take a look at some of the things that any of our Wickford patients choosing between these two treatments will want to take into consideration.


There isn’t a great deal to choose between the two treatments when it comes to the way that they look. The main difference is that the fixed bridge used in same day implants is attached directly via your own gums whereas the replacement teeth on dentures also have more pronounced artificial gums. These are naturally not quite as realistic looking as your own gums although denture aesthetics have improved greatly over the years.


Stabilised dentures are removable, where same day implants are not (more about that later). Although the dental implants do offer some additional security to your dentures when used in this way, this will not be to the same degree as with same day implants. Whilst your dentures won’t move around in the mouth, you may still need to take some care of what you eat to prevent the dentures from ‘snapping off’ the implants. This is not the case with same day implants and you can eat as you would with healthy natural teeth without worrying about such things.


The use of implants to prevent movement of your dentures means that the likelihood of any soreness caused by friction between the dentures and gums is kept to a minimum. The actual discomfort difference between the two is relatively limited. It should be remembered though that upper arch implants may still use a plate that partially covers the roof of your mouth. This can feel a little unusual and is also more likely than same day implants to cause problems with your speech, at least for the initial period following placement, although longer periods for some people.


One of the big differences between these two methods is that same day implants are a permanent prosthetic whereas dentures fixed in this way are designed to be removed for cleaning. You will still need to remove your dentures for cleaning including soaking them overnight. Not only is this more cumbersome but can also be embarrassing in some situations. Same day implants, on the other hand, are permanent and are not removable. You just clean them as you would your natural teeth, paying special attention to the gums into which the implants have been placed.

We understand that it can be devastating for our Wickford patients when they lose a full arch of teeth, however it happens. We are here to help you restore your mouth to a fully functional state whilst also bearing in mind the aesthetic aspects of this. We are here to discuss your options with you so that you can make an informed choice as to which treatment is best for you. We can also discuss finance options including the payment plans that we can offer.

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