How Cygnet Dental Uses Veneers To Restore Damaged Teeth

Versatile porcelain veneers used to repair stained and chipped teeth.

great smileAs we slowly come out of a period of lockdown and gradually return to something like normal, many of us will be looking at the best ways to get our lives fully back on track. Although problems like the economy can only be addressed by government policies and initiatives, there are areas of our own lives that we can take responsibility for and put a plan of action into place to change things for the better.

Several of us may have put on weight through lack of exercise and poor diet whilst others may have started drinking more than usual or even started smoking again. For those concerned about their general appearance, there may also be some concern about the way their teeth are currently looking as well.

Staining and chipped teeth

As it hasn’t been possible to see a dentist for a few months until very recently, it is no surprise that many dentists are currently busy treating those most in need due to decay and broken teeth. These cases take priority to prevent any further pain and damage.

Those of you who regularly use our Wickford cosmetic dental services may also be looking forward to making an appointment again to restore the whiteness of your teeth. If you have previously done this on a recurring basis, you will probably have noticed your teeth are more discoloured than would normally be the case when regular maintenance was in place. In many cases, this can be simply be addressed with a teeth whitening procedure, although where staining has become more severe, other options may also need to be considered.

Whilst the team at the Cygnet Dental Practice will always use the least invasive treatment where possible, a simple whitening procedure may only have a limited effect where teeth that have become badly stained. This limited improvement may be enough for some, but anyone looking for a really attractive white smile may wish to consider dental veneers instead.

Veneers may also provide a solution for anyone who has chipped or cracked a tooth as they can be used for both aesthetic and restorative purposes.

Pros and cons

One possible downside with dental veneers is that, unlike a teeth whitening procedure, it does usually require an invasive procedure. In order to fit the veneer, the tooth usually has to be prepared so that the veneer ‘replaces’ the damaged enamel rather than being added to it. This is irreversible. However, some veneers can now be fitted over the surface enamel without preparation, although they are not suitable for everyone and if not applied expertly, can make the teeth look unnaturally pronounced.

Whilst results from whitening does last for several months, the teeth will eventually start to discolour again. However, with veneers, you should be able to maintain the whiteness for up to ten years. Most  are made from porcelain which is a non porous material that is highly resistant to staining. Please remember though, that surface staining is still a possibility, so diligent brushing and flossing, together with regular visits to the dentist, will still be required.


Dental veneers are straightforward to look after. You simply need to brush and floss your teeth well as you hopefully already do. Please remember that although they are made from porcelain and so cannot decay, the rest of the natural part of the tooth still can. Decay there can lead to the veneer becoming less secure and a replacement may be required once the underlying natural tooth has been repaired.

For those of you who have become unhappy with the way that your teeth look, the Cygnet Dental Practice is here to help. The first step is to arrange to have an initial consultation with one of our experienced cosmetic dentists. Through examination and discussion about what you would like to achieve, we will be able to put a treatment plan together to help you achieve the smile you desire!

Please remember that there may still be some restrictions on the treatments we can offer and also in the way that the practice operates due to the Covid-19 situation. All measures that are in place are there to protect both yourself and our team, so please help us, and yourself, by complying with these until guidance allows us to relax or remove them.

If you would like to see a dentist about a general problem or to discover how we can help you restore the appearance of your teeth, please call our Wickford dental practice on 01268 733078.